Welcome to the United Kingdoms gaming community!  We are currently represented in Rift, SW:TOR and Final Fantasy XIV with each of the sites for these games accessed from the logos below.

If you are looking for more general information on UK then use the links above. Here you will find information on the guild, our gaming past as well as details about some of the games we play more casually.


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Why not discover the legendary planet Nexus with UK?  We have a large number of Wildstar players and are looking to explore all the content the game has to offer.  Check out the link below for details on how to apply.

Final Fantasy XIV

UK have a very active guild in FF XIV and are actively recruiting.  If you are interested in joining UK in FFXIV then please click on the link below for more information.


UK has an Empire side guild on the Nightmare Lands server.  For more information on the guild and our recruitment needs please visit the SWTOR site.


UK has a mixed guild on the Gelidra server.  The guild has now effectively closed but for more information on the guild visit the Rift site